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Have the ultimate Salmon fishing adventure Halibut fishing or scenic tour on the waters off Oak Bay in lovely Victoria, BC on our comfortable 33 Ft Grady White Express 330 - the largest express fishing boat in the Victoria Charter fleet.

A day with Kingsize Adventures may include Halibut, Salmon and maybe Rockfish or Lingcod, as well as crabbing for our local sweet dungeness crab. No matter what... we'll be sure you head home with fish for dinner, plus a great fishing experience. 


KingSize Halibut


OakBay, Haro Strait, Constance Bank and more close by locations for fantastic Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing in Victoria British Columbia!

KingSize Salmon


King(Spring)Salmon up to 40lbs, Coho up to 18lbs, Sockeye up to 15lbs and Pinks up to 10lbs make KingSize Smiles! plus halibut fishing and the best salmon fishing

KingSize Scenic Tours


Humpback, killer (orcas) ,grey whales, sea lions, seals, otters, bald eagles and much more will make it a KingSize Day!

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Captain's Corner

Winter Salmon Still Incredible!

 Well this morning when I stepped out the door the robins were singing the humming birds were working the flowers on the tree out front and flowers are blooming all over the place and the Tulips are shooting out of the ground. To me this means that “Winter” if you can call it that here in Victoria, is pretty much over!

Salmon fishing not over!

But one thing that just has not ended is the amazing “Winter Spring Salmon” fishing! Some days hooking almost 30 fish and fish averaging closer to 9lbs instead of the normal winter 3 to 5 with some fish being weighed in over 20lbs this year and lots in the teens!Frankly we have not seen good numbers and good sizes like this in a long time and there are fish in Sidney, Victoria, Pedder Bay and Sooke giving people lots of options and taking the pressure off of what is often just a couple of key areas.Wind has been a challenge and we are hoping as we come into spring weather that the windy days are fewer and farther between. 

Fishing Season is Open in Victoria!

I know there has been lots of talk about the Killer whales and fishing closures etc. But based on all of the currently issued documents . The area around Victoria BC will be open for business in 2019 with the normal in season size and hatchery/wild salmon restrictions that we have every year. This means you can plan to get here and put together a trip to victoria and have some fun fishing and even take a few home if you want.

Halibut looking promising for 2019 as well

The International Halibut Committee will be meeting later this month and what is expected is a new size limit of 128cm (13 more than last years 115) this is much less restrictive and would mean that 70 of the 79 fish we had to throw back last year because they were too big would have been ok to keep! It also means that the season should be from Feb1st to Dec 31st. And taking a look at the tides for Feb and March so far every day in February is good for halibut with the big swing being in the night time hours. The first two weeks of March are the same and as we know those first two months can be some of the best of the year but it is great almost all year here in Victoria.

The new boat is working great and ready for your crew!

The new 33 foot Grady white is working great and we have enough hours on it now to know how all the new equipment works and it fine tuned and ready to bring lots of fish over the stern and put big smiles on peoples faces. All things point to one of the best Salmon fishing seasons in a long time and a spectacular Halibut season as well. June and July are already filling up with a few Multi-Day charters from groups out of town so if you are planning on getting out this summer you should start talking with your crew to organize the trip to get the times you want.

Social Media updates more often

The newsletter is usually a few time a month during the busy times of the year and Monthly at best in the off season but social media such as Facebook, twitter and instagram will be updated with photos and information often and regularly so if you want to stay tuned to that be sure to follow kingsizeadventures on instagram@kingsizefishyyj on twitter and on facebook to keep up with the latest posts photos and other information.

Captain King’s Recipe Corner

Some of you may know that I am a certified chef and that food is another one of my passions. I have added a monthly recipe using our local catches of my all time favorites including my amazing crab cake recipe and they are posted on the facebook site under Captain King’s Recipe Corner. Enjoy and please let me know what you think of them.I wish everyone a safe, healthy and prosperous 2019 and hope to see all of you on the water this year for a fantastic time sharing stories, laughing and catching fish.

Fish ON!

Captain King.

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