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Have the ultimate Salmon fishing adventure Halibut fishing or scenic tour on the waters off Oak Bay in lovely Victoria, BC on our comfortable 33 Ft Grady White Express 330 - the largest express fishing boat in the Victoria Charter fleet.

A day with Kingsize Adventures may include Halibut, Salmon and maybe Rockfish or Lingcod, as well as crabbing for our local sweet dungeness crab. No matter what... we'll be sure you head home with fish for dinner, plus a great fishing experience. 


KingSize Halibut


OakBay, Haro Strait, Constance Bank and more close by locations for fantastic Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing in Victoria British Columbia!

KingSize Salmon


King(Spring)Salmon up to 40lbs, Coho up to 18lbs, Sockeye up to 15lbs and Pinks up to 10lbs make KingSize Smiles! plus halibut fishing and the best salmon fishing

KingSize Scenic Tours


Humpback, killer (orcas) ,grey whales, sea lions, seals, otters, bald eagles and much more will make it a KingSize Day!

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Captain's Corner

Winter fishing can be HOT!

Nov 7th, 2019

  You would not know it by the amazing weather we have been having the past 10 days or so but it is winter here in Victoria. With highs around 12 to 14 during the days, clear skies and no wind it hard to believe its winder at all!.

 Fishing was very hot, then cooled down after the big wind storm about 10 days ago and is slowly picking back up. There are dozens of Humpback whales just West of Constance bank putting on a show feeding on Herring and krill. The same huge bait balls have the salmon, seals, birds and everything in the deep getting their fill but it is not safe to troll for salmon in this feeding frenzy and hard to keep the distance required from the whales when they are popping up everywhere around you. This feed will be over shortly and then we should have amazing fishing for winter springs that got extra fat with the most baitfish we have seen all year in the area. With herring here now skinny G's, Coyote spoons and similar small herring imitations will be producing the most fish out on the banks with needlefish and small herring spoons and squirts on the waterfront where there are more sandlances.  Halibut remains good but hard to find and even harder to get one under 126cm this time of year. the last two trips we got a 157 and a 140 cm fish approx 120lbs and 90lbs that we released looking to find some smaller ones this week. The rest of November after the 13th has good Halibut tides and the entire month of December has great tides as well. Be sure to book your end of season trip soon!

 Hope to see you on the water soon.
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Captain King.

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Phone:  Call/Text Captain Kingsley at 1-250-507-5500.

Located at Oak Bay Marina Slip H-6
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