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Have the ultimate Salmon fishing adventure Halibut fishing or scenic tour on the waters off Oak Bay in lovely Victoria, BC on our comfortable 33 Ft Grady White Express 330 - the largest express fishing boat in the Victoria Charter fleet.

A day with Kingsize Adventures may include Halibut, Salmon and maybe Rockfish or Lingcod, as well as crabbing for our local sweet dungeness crab. No matter what... we'll be sure you head home with fish for dinner, plus a great fishing experience. 


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OakBay, Haro Strait, Constance Bank and more close by locations for fantastic Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing in Victoria British Columbia!

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King(Spring)Salmon up to 40lbs, Coho up to 18lbs, Sockeye up to 15lbs and Pinks up to 10lbs make KingSize Smiles! plus halibut fishing and the best salmon fishing

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Humpback, killer (orcas) ,grey whales, sea lions, seals, otters, bald eagles and much more will make it a KingSize Day!

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Captain's Corner

Best Salmon Fishing in Decades!

August 23, 2019

Wow is all I have to say about the Summer of 2019!

Salmon fishing in Oak Bay Victoria was the best Chinook salmon fishing it has been in Decades with many days of over 20 salmon with sizes often in the 20lb and over range and even some 30+ fish to the boat as well. May, June and July were the best months even though it was catch and release if you did not get out fishing then you missed out on something really special and incredible. 

 August slowed down quite a bit but even then it has been better than in years past just not quite like May, June and July were like.

 Now that we have had a few rains some of the big fish that were hanging around have left and it takes a bit more effort and time to weed through the smaller fish and pink salmon to get some of the big ones in the boat. Halibut has been one of the toughest years in the last 10 years but it was also forecasted to be the worst year in the 13 year Halibut cycle and we did see many "skunks" and may even get 3 or 4 skunks in a row then get 4 nice keepers in one day so it is a bit crazy to plan. Fall is normally one of the best times for Halibut so my fingers are crossed that it will get better as the summer winds down.

 It has been the busiest summer I have ever had since starting the business and I expect that next summer will be even busier and with more and more people booking multiple day trips and 5 day trips that I will be booked up quite quickly again. If you are planning a trip for next year or this fall be sure to book soon before the prime times are gone. There are still some Chinooks around as well as Pinks with a few coho showing up as well so get out on the water and take advantage of it soon before they are gone up the rivers to spawn.

Small Anchovy will soon be the lure of choice with wee-gee and coho killers my go to spoon choice and of course the Hogy Sand Eel for jigging salmon is the best jig on the market today. 

 Hope to see you on the water.

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Captain King.

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