The Best Salmon and Halibut Fishing You can Get!

The Best Salmon and Halibut Fishing You can Get!

The Best Salmon and Halibut Fishing You can Get!The Best Salmon and Halibut Fishing You can Get!The Best Salmon and Halibut Fishing You can Get!

in beautiful Victoria BC


Can't think of the perfect gift? We've got the answer for you!  Gift certificates are now available for Salmon Fishing or Halibut Fishing Adventures

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About KingSize

Have the ultimate Salmon fishing adventure Halibut fishing or scenic tour on the waters off Oak Bay in lovely Victoria, BC on our comfortable 33 Ft Grady White Express 330 - the largest express fishing boat in the Victoria Charter fleet.

A day with Kingsize Adventures may include Halibut, Salmon and maybe Rockfish or Lingcod, as well as crabbing for our local sweet dungeness crab. No matter what... we'll be sure you head home with fish for dinner, plus a great fishing experience. 


KingSize Halibut


OakBay, Haro Strait, Constance Bank and more close by locations for fantastic Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing in Victoria British Columbia!

KingSize Salmon


King(Spring)Salmon up to 40lbs, Coho up to 18lbs, Sockeye up to 15lbs and Pinks up to 10lbs make KingSize Smiles! plus halibut fishing and the best salmon fishing

KingSize Scenic Tours


Humpback, killer (orcas) ,grey whales, sea lions, seals, otters, bald eagles and much more will make it a KingSize Day!

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Captain's Corner

Winter Salmon fishing Still HOT!

Feb 18th, 2020

  As can be seen by these happy lovely women who landed a bunch of nice winter springs and took home their Limit of fish The weather can be a challenge but if you get out you get rewarded!

 20+ fish per day is a "normal" day on the water right now with fish averaging around 6 pounds with the odd 11 and 12 pound fish. 

 The fish have had a mix of Shrimp, Sandlance and Herring inside their stomachs to what I have found is that a lure that works great today may not work tomorrow or even one that was hot an hour ago goes cold and a different spoon all together works that did not touch a fish earlier. So be ready to make some changes and run a few different sets of gear and switch up if things slow down. Always start with a Sandlance look alike and a small herring look alike and see what they prefer and go with it until things slow down.

 There are some fish in close but don't expect to get 20+ fish a day 4 or 6 is a good day in close right now with the banks holding much more fish. If we get a few calm days in a row that could change as the in shore areas tend to get better with some calm seas.

 I will be at the Victoria Boat and Fishing Show this weekend Feb 21-22-23 at booth 501 and you can sign up for a chance to win a 1/2 day fishing charter for 4 people ($735 value)

 Hope to see you at the show or on the water soon.
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Captain King.

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Phone:  Call/Text Captain Kingsley at 1-250-507-5500.

Located at Oak Bay Marina Slip H-6
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KingSize Adventures

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